International Ph.D. Course "Researching Europe", February 10, 2023


This international workshop assembles doctoral candidates researching on Europe and the EU from six different EU countries and seven different European Universities. The doctoral students are invited to present their research projects and discuss methods, theory and topics among peers and teachers in an open and cooperative debate. Besides the workshop offers to discuss the scientific, operational and practical framework of writing a doctorate in an experimental manner among the peers and teachers.


Interested students (third cycle and Ph.D students) are requested to register until January 6th, 2023 with an e-mail to the following address: meike.schmidt-gleim@sk.hs-fulda.de


Please attach a short description of your doctoral thesis (max. 200 words) in English language.


Dieser internationale Workshop bringt Promovierende, die zum Thema Europa und EU forschen, aus sechs verschiedenen Ländern der EU und von sieben verschiedenen europäischen Universitäten und Hochschulen zusammen. Er dient der Vorstellung der Forschungsprojekte sowie dem kollegialen Austausch zwischen Peers und Lehrenden zu Fragen der Methode, Theorie und Inhalte. Darüber hinaus bietet der Workshop die Möglichkeit, in einer experimentellen Art und Weise wissenschaftliche und andere arbeitstechnische Rahmenbedingungen der Promotion zu diskutieren.


Promotionsinteressierte und Promovierende, die interessiert sind an diesem DoktorandInnen-Workshop teilzunehmen, sind eingeladen, sich bis zum 6. Januar 2023 unter der folgenden e-mail meike.schmidt-gleim@sk.hs-fulda.de für den Kurs anzumelden.


Bitte senden Sie uns ein kurzes Abstract (max. 200 Wörter) ihres Dissertationsprojekts in englischer Sprache.


In Zusammenarbeit mit / In cooperation with:

  • Claudia Wiesner (Fulda University of Applied Sciences)
  • Meike Schmidt-Gleim (Fulda University of Applied Sciences)
  • Niilo Kauppi (Helsinki University)
  • Ruzha Smilova (Sofia University)
  • Kim Ziliacus (Helsinki University
  • Willy Beauvallet (Université Lyon)
  • Cecile Robert (Science Po, Lyon)
  • Ana Matan (University of Zagreb)
  • Tonci Kursar (University of Zagreb)
  • Igor Vidacak (University of Zagreb)
  • Meta Novak (University of Ljubljana)
  • Damjan Lajh (University of Ljubljana)

Teaching research seminars:

This is at the core of the project. The goal of the seminar is to organise and analyse focus group discussions with citizens that will be carried out in relation to teaching research projects, i.e. in cooperation with students. The focus group discussions will be used in two ways, a) as a way to debate Europe with citizens and b) as a tool to gather knowledge about the gap between the EU and its citizens. The aims are to discuss with the participating citizens and activists a) their personal reasons for being critical or supportive of democracy in their country and the EU, b) how they see the future perspectives of politics and democracy in the EU and in general and c) what makes more and more people critical of democratic institutions. Based on a synthesis of the state of the art of empirical and attitude research on EU support, a set of questions to structure the discussions will be developed. Each teaching research seminar will reach 30 students in MA or Ph.D. level. Overall, 540 students will therefore profit from the seminars and be able to learn how to do qualitative empirical research and especially how to conduct and analyse focus group discussions.

Ph.D. Workshop “Researching Europe”, 2021

This course trains all the Ph.D. candidates in the network at Fulda University of Applied Sciences in research design, research methods, and research practices of studying the EU and its multilevel system. Students develop and present their Ph.D. research design in this course. They comment the research design mutually and they receive coaching and tutoring by the applicant. These seminars will be organised in cooperation with Fulda Graduate School in the Social Sciences and its doctoral training curriculum. Each Ph.D. training course “Researching Europe” will reach 15 students in Ph.D. level. Overall 45 students will therefore profit from the training course. They will be able to learn more about research design, research methods, and research practices of studying the EU and its multilevel system, to present their Ph.D. research design, receive comments by other students as well as coaching and tutoring.


Ph.D. workshop in the framework of the Jean Monnet Project “Debating Europe” 

Online course on the EU:

The online course will offer in-depth knowledge about the EU from a citizen perspective. The starting point will be the on-line module "Get involved! Explore your opportunities as an EU citizen!", which is offered to more than 150 Erasmus students of all disciplines each year in the framework of the obligatory accompanying on-line course "Hands-on Learning prepare yourself for an intercultural workplace" of the regional contact point for EU-traineeships and university-enterprise cooperation, which is run jointly by Fulda University and institute inter.research e.V. The course will be developed and provided in English language and it will be open to all students participating in the research teaching seminars and the Ph.D. training course “Researching Europe”. It will also be open to all the citizens which participate in the focus group discussions