Institute inter.research e.V.:

The Institute inter.research e.V. is a non-profit association, which acts as a link between different academic disciplines and between academic and non-academic organisations. It was founded in 1999 with support of the University Fulda and a regional Software Company. The Institute disposes of expertise in the area of management of mobility programmes targeted to students, graduates and entrepreneurs, virtual learning communities, multimedia e-learning modules, (electronic) project management and quality assurance. The Institute runs online courses in its online academy. The online academy offers training of intercultural, civic and entrepreneurial key skills to more than 200 mobile students and graduates (participants of Erasmus Traineeship mobility) per year. The Institute has furthermore implemented an on-line coaching programme for mobile entrepreneurs (participants of the Erasmus for young entrepreneurs programme) and has run it since 2014. The Institute contributes its expertise in online learning and computer supported cooperation to the Jean Monnet Network DebatEU.