Interim Conference Helsinki

Wednesday, March 29

14.00-18.00 First Session


Tuesday, March 30

9.00-10.00 Online Course Session

10.00-12.00 Second Session

14.00-15.30 Third Session

16.00-17.30 Advisory Board Session



Public Event: Citizens, Democracy and the European Union

Friday, March 31, 2023

Thinkcorner, University of Helsinki, 09.00-11.00


Democracy is the most important social innovation ever. Citizens are the cornerstone of any working democratic system. But to work properly democracy requires knowledge and interest in societal issues, active citizens who not only vote but are also ready to challenge political leaders. While EU integration is a unique process in world history, many seem to be estranged from it and uninterested in what is happening in Brussels and other European capitals. 

This panel is organised by the Jean Monnet Network DebatEU ( The Network enhances debate through citizen focus groups, conferences, social media, publications and events. It seeks to generate a dialogue and better understanding of the EU among citizens. And it aims at learning from the citizens what are their reasons to feel distant to the EU.  

The panel is chaired by Niilo Kauppi, research director at the University of Helsinki and member of the DebatEU network. Panelists include Anna Björk from Demos, MEP and vice-president of the European Parliament Heidi Hautala, Professor Johanna Kantola from the University of Helsinki, University Researcher Niko Pyrhönen from the University of Helsinki and Professor Claudia Wiesner from Fulda Hochschule and Pi of the DebatEU network.


International Ph.D Course "Researching Europe", February 10, 2023

 This international workshop assembles doctoral candidates researching on Europe and the EU from six different EU countries and seven different European Universities. The doctoral students are invited to present their research projects and discuss methods, theory and topics among peers and teachers in an open and cooperative debate. Besides the workshop offers to discuss the scientific, operational and practical framework of writing a doctorate in an experimental manner among the peers and teachers.


Dieser internationale Workshop bringt Promovierende, die zum Thema Europa und EU forschen, aus sechs verschiedenen Ländern der EU und von sieben verschiedenen europäischen Universitäten und Hochschulen zusammen. Er dient der Vorstellung der Forschungsprojekte sowie dem kollegialen Austausch zwischen Peers und Lehrenden zu Fragen der Methode, Theorie und Inhalte. Darüber hinaus bietet der Workshop die Möglichkeit, in einer experimentellen Art und Weise wissenschaftliche und andere arbeitstechnische Rahmenbedingungen der Promotion zu diskutieren.


In Zusammenarbeit mit / In cooperation with:

  • Claudia Wiesner (Fulda University of Applied Sciences)
  • Meike Schmidt-Gleim (Fulda University of Applied Sciences)
  • Niilo Kauppi (Helsinki University)
  • Ruzha Smilova (Sofia University)
  • Kim Ziliacus (Helsinki University
  • Willy Beauvallet (Université Lyon)
  • Cecile Robert (Science Po, Lyon)
  • Ana Matan (University of Zagreb)
  • Tonci Kursar (University of Zagreb)
  • Igor Vidacak (University of Zagreb)
  • Meta Novak (University of Ljubljana)
  • Damjan Lajh (University of Ljubljana)

Friday february 10th, 2023 - Timetable:

     9.00h-11.00h: EU-Policies from Macro to micro (Chair: Meta Novak, Ana Matan)

            Keller, Maria, Fulda University of Applied Sciences , Beyond the glass ceiling. Female Leadership in the institutions of the European Union

Diedrich, Nicola, Fulda University of Applied Sciences , Micropolitics in the EU Institutional System. Opportunities, Deadlocks and Dynamics in EU anti-     discrimination policy

Cavic, Vesna, University of Zagreb, The impact of europeanization on changes in higher education policies in Croatia

Pluschke, Muriel, Fulda University of Applied Sciences, Top-down and bottom-up dynamics of the European public in the local


11.15h-13.15h: EU-Policies from Macro to micro (Chair: Cécile Robert, Niilo Kauppi)

Coronel Crespo, Daniel, Sciences Po LyonThe financialization of the ecological transition policies of the European Union: the emergence of a framework for sustainable finance as an instrument of European public action.

                  Baumann, Sara, University of Ljubljana, The impact of focusing events on public policies through the example of man-made disasters

            Bežovan, Mijo, University of Zagreb, Influence of business consultants on the absorption capacity of local self-government units in the use of ESI funds

            Konrad Valentina, University of Ljubljana, The Role of Social Movements in EU Climate Policymaking


             14.15h-15.45h EU, democracy, democratisation (Chair: Ruzha Smilova, Ana Matan)

                   Kaja, Zhylien, Fulda University of Applied Sciences, The Western Balkans and EU: A never-ending story?

             Held, Christoph, Fulda University of Applied Sciences, A Comparison between Chantal Mouffe and Claude Lefort - No escape from the liberalism trap

                  Chehoudi, Rafaa, Fulda University of Applied Sciences, United Nations and Democracy Promotion in the Middle East and North African from 2000 to 2020


             16.00h-17.00h EU, Security Policy and the Global Order (Chair: Claudia Wiesner)

Juric, Dragan, Zagreb University,, The Influence of EU’s CSDP on Croatian Foreign and Defense Policy Description

Petliaeva, Daria, SCIENCES PO Lyon, The EU as an external actor of democratization in Russia // Perspectives of democratization in Russia through the         process of Europeanisation

 Calzolari, Fabio, Fulda University of Applied Sciences, Is it the Beginning of a New Era? How the Russo-Ukrainian War is Changing the European Union from  Within United Nations and Democracy Promotion in the Middle East and North African from 2000 to 2020




The Ukraine War and EU Studies. A Zeitwende? Novembre 3, 2022


Roundtable Discussion: Claudia Wiesner (Fulda University of Applied Sciences), Philipp Genschel (Jacobs University Bremen), Doris Wydra (University of Salzburg), Knud-Erik Joergensen (Aarhus University); Chair: Michèle Knodt (TU Darmstadt)


Decembre 3, 2022, Fulda Transfer, Veranstaltungssaal, Eingang 1a, Heinrich-von-Bibra Platz 1a, 36037 Fulda