Science Po Lyon:

Sciences Po Lyon (Lyon Institute of Political Studies) is an undergraduate and graduate school of government, public affairs and international relations with a five-year degree that combines a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree. 1,800 students enroll each year (including 250 international incoming students). Sciences Po Lyon’s total staff is 527 personnel (comprised of 60 full-time faculty + over 400 part-time faculty and professionals from all sectors). Sciences Po Lyon oversees 3 research labs (Triangle, Institut d’Asie Orientale, Equipe de Recherche de Lyon en Information et Communication). It is also a partner of 2 LABEX (nationally accredited labs): Intelligence des Mondes Urbains (IMU) and Constitution de la Modernité (COMOD). Sciences Po Lyon’s expertise in PhD programmes focuses on public policy. Overall around 80 PhD students are supervised by the different labs.

University Lumière Lyon 2:

The University Lumière Lyon 2 is one of the leading human and social sciences universities in France. It welcomes 29,000 students, from undergraduate to doctoral level, including more than 1,000 doctoral students and 850 students welcomed in exchange programmes. The University has around 1800 agents including 900 researchers and teachers. They refer to 32 research laboratories and 14 teaching components, covering more than 25 different scientific disciplines from Arts and literature, languages, human and social sciences, law, economy... The University is also part of the Investments for the Future Program (LabEX, EquipEX, Convergence Institutes and Graduates University Research). Among the disciplines represented, political science occupies an important place around three main specialities: public action and interest representation, comparative and European politics, politicisation and participation.