Work Package 3 - Disseminating Debate

The results will be communicated in different ways (see G2): 

  • 3.1. Network website
    The network will have a website for communicating events and network results.
  • 3.2. Social Media
    Network events and results will also be communicated via Instagram and Twitter accounts of the network.
  • 3.3. Panels and papers at international conferences
    Network results will be presented at international academic conferences in the field.
  • 3.4. Opening Conference (Fulda, 2021)

  • 3.5. Midterm Conference (Helsinki, 2022)

  • 3.6. Closing Conference (Zagreb, 2023)
    Yearly conferences of the network at Fulda, Helsinki and Zagreb serve at discussing research results of the network, connecting the teachers/network members and the students as well as other researchers. Citizens and stakeholders will be invited to the conferences.
  • 3.7. International academic publications
    Network results will be published in international peer-reviewed academic publications.
  • 3.8. Policy event in Brussels
    The network results and especially policy advice will be presented in a policy event in Brussels. Representants of EU institutions will be invited.
  • 3.9. Policy advice brochure
    A policy advice brochure directed at EU practitioners in the sense of EU stakeholders, EU officials, as well as EU and national politicians will be published.