“Theorising the EU Crisis”:

The conference will take place in Fulda on the 3rd and 4th of December 2020. It will be held in a hybrid format (online + in person)

Opening Conference:

Will take place in Fulda in early 2021. It will introduce the network, invite fellow researchers, and start the debate. Attendants will start to discuss and clarify how to bridge the gap between EU elites and citizens. It will be combined with the first Ph.D. training course “Researching Europe”

Interim Conference:

Will be held in Helsinki in 2022. It will serve at presenting and discussing first findings of the focus group discussion, discussing them against state-of-the-art findings in EU studies and political sociology.

Final Conference:

Will be held in Zagreb in mid 2023. It aims at presenting and discussing the final results of the cooperation and research in the three project years.